We take care of funding your project!

There is no need to come up with FUNDS OF YOUR OWN, we are prepared to come up with a solution that uses alternative funding so that your finances are made of where they might be needed more, that is for example enhancing your manufacturing processes. However, if demanded, the customer's own finances can be put to use and as a benefit, the project can be invoiced as indemnification.

The essence of any of our projects is a financial plan lasting for 24, 36 or 48 months. Our primary goal is to make the investment pay for itself, in other words, to ensure a monthly installment is lower than the actual monthly savings from your project.

Let the investment pay for itself, with LEDprojekty you can get your lighting set-up improved instantly with a postponed fulfilment, for details call 602 110 018.

Other ways to fund your project with LEDprojekty


EPC Projects as a short for Energy Performance Contracting is a modern solution with no need for an initial investment from the client’s side as the funding comes from monthly installments based on the degree of your savings on energy and operational costs. The rate of return is usually from 2 to 4 years depending on the difficulty of a particular project. This rate shortens considerably sometimes even by 2 years when it comes to businesses that use multiple shifts.


A leasing agreement between a client - user of lighting technology and its provider is made.

The monthly rental fees (the payments for renting lighting technology and the costs of electricity) are lower than the electricity and maintentance costs needed for the former lighting set-up. The contract period for remote management projects is negotiable individually with the subject of a lease being handed over after the contract expires for a negotiated price which is usually about 1 CZK.


It comes without saying that, as part of our deal, we assist our clients in obtaining finances from subsidy programs to support your lighting project, which at the end of the day has positive environmental effects in the form of reducing CO2 and savings on heat or electricity.

Currently the OPPIK Subsidy Appeal has been made public and offers funding assistance to those projects dealing in reducing the use of energy in buildings as well as the energy costs at industrial businesses.

This type of funding can be provided to spend on replacing obsolete technology with a more cost-effective solution. These subsidy programs are intented for small and middle-sized businesses including large-sized firms. For the above described energy cost-cutting program, it is planned that a total sum of 20,5 bilion CZK will be distributed by 2020.