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We're a supplier providing professional LED solutions to improve conventional lighting technology from blueprint to the installation including after-sale services

We're specialists in self-financing lightning modernization

Production premises - Offices - Shops and Warehouses - Schools - Public lightning

We'll propose a modernization (and financing), that it will be payed by its own savings. Monthly payment will be lower, than the saving.

Cooperation procedure

  1. Making a first contact with a client, defining what needs to be done, identifying the current state of your technology and taking into account your specific suggestions and preferences.
  2. Taking on-site measurements for your new lighting system to be accurately priced up, detecting the state of electric wiring.
  3. Adding in all of the needed information to provide a price comparison, i.e. the cost of electricity, costs of your current lighting system, detailed requirements to the lighting operation, zone differences as required to luminosity and other data.
  4. A microtender will be carried out to show a number of suggested solutions which will be compared with the current state of your facility along with a financial plan to fund your solution by either a bank loan or by the finances of your own and finally to indicate the return on your investment. A research into up-to-date subsidy programs wil be carried out to find out whether you are eligible to draw funds this way.
  5. Finalising and consulting our all-round offer followed by a your choice of the preffered solution or a number of different solutions.
  6. A set of lights you have chosen can be provided for an an on-site testing as a trial run of your selected solution. As part of this initial testing, the consumption of electricity can be gauged if needed.
  7. Finalising the deal possibly followed by singing a contract, installation, testing and callibrating  your new lighting solution. An after-sale service plan will be made to ensure a continuous upgrade to your system.

Get an idea of how the return of your investment works at your facility simply by clicking on "Instant projekt" and adding your data.

Reference projects of our suppliers 

The most valid reason to improve your lighting or switching over to LED lights comes from a satisfied customer. Here is a number of references from our clients engaged in a variety of industries, sport facilities, public lighting, cities or towns.

If you want to see our solutions at work, feel free to contact us and we will schedule a meeting with you to give you a tour of our flagship projects in Czech Republic or neighbouring countries.

Donghee Czech (CZ)

Donghee Czech assembly plant in Nosovice

GigaTera LED Tech. installed at the assembly plant of Donghee Czech.

Borussia Park Stadium (DE)

Borussia Mönchengladbach Stadiumndoor

Indoor and outdoor lighting installed at the stadium utilising LED Technology supplied by our manufacturing partner GigaTera.

KIA Zilina (SK)

Assembly Plant and outdoorn facilities at KIA 

All-round lighting technology installed at KIA car assemply plant in Zilina, Slovakia using LED technology supplied by our partner GigaTera.

Logistic Park, (IT)

Warehouse and logistic park

To replace the formerly used TEC-MAR led lights, a number of warehouses were planted with 400 Watt lamps generating the savings on energy of 65%.

Seatle Mariners (USA)

First baseball Stadium with LED in USA

In 2015 in the US was fully equipped with LED technology baseball stadium in Seattle.

Golf club (KOR)

Golf club lighting installation, South Korea

LED technology installed at the South-Korean Golf Club stepped up the experience at the facility including the fairway bringing the players the best of a late-night game.

The solutions by LEDprojekty

We do tailor-made projects to suit your needs