Free Project

...because we are confident enough to offer up a free project

The essence of getting your facility fitted with LED or a complete replacement with LED technology is the outline of a project which is defined by the following:

  • Amount of lights installed
  • Type of light objects
  • Keeping to the quality standard defined by ČSN EN 12464-1,2
  • Customer's needs based on a particular location of a project
  • Optimization of your lighting layout and proposing an alternative setting to possibly bring down your electricity bills
  • Price offer along with the technical specifications of your new solution collected from 10 different suppliers
  • Project realisation schedule
  • Assembly cost and ecologic disposal of the formerly used lighting
  • Financial plan with a funding assistance from subsidy programs
  • Possibility of a postponed fulfilment

As stated in the "why choose us" section, we do not aim to sell as many lights as possible but rather claim ourselves to be a team of specialists oriented towards providing the best-fitted solution, that is why a detailed free-of-charge proposal is put forward beforehand as the cornerstone of all our projects.

The project solution itself is then based on a tender we put your project out to among up to 10 diferent suppliers of LED technology who deliver a number of possible solutions. A sample of how a project proposal looks is available below.