This straight-forward question surely pops into your mind as well. It is simple, LEDprojekty.cz together with our associated suppliers are experts in the field following these rules:

We are not:

  • Sellers of lights, light bulbs, fluor lights neither are we an e-commerce simply because of the fact that the challange of replacing old technology with better involves project planning that will often bring benefits from reducing the actual number of the lights formerly installed.
  • We are not dealers representing any specific brand of lighting, yet we are able tu supply most of the available LED technology made by renowned manufacturers. We want to keep our independence and offer our clients a variety of different solutions followed by a series of consulting sessions and finally, your choice of a lighting brand.
  • We are not just mere sellers but we see all of our projects as a way to a significant modernization of a particular set of lighting with the ultimate aim to reduce energy consumption and keep the quality of your lighting or even improve it at the same time. Also, we are aware of the fact that any project can be financially demanding, that is why we are here to assist you.

We are:

  • a partner to our clients providing all-round services
  • a strong company
  • a partner that works with a variety of solutions letting our customers make the final decision
  • confident enough to back up our data with an accurate extimation of benefits as part of a pilot project
  • ready to take the whole task on our shoulders including the project itself, funding, assembly, after-sale service and eco-friendly removal of your old lights
  • able to realize a project as an order with a postponed fulfilment making the overall savings on energy even bigger
  • ndependent of any brand, supplier or technology, our task is to define our customer´s goals and get on the right way to make them happen