A to Z Services

Drawing up a project is the very beginning followed by your say so to our proposal. What comes next is the below shown set of steps:

  • Choosing and approving of one of the solutions initially presented for your project
  • Dismantling of formerly installed technology and preparatory work for new one.
  • Eco-friendly removal of your old technology
  • Delivery and assembly of new LED technology supply by our partner supplier
  • Testing and calibration of your technology / setting up a remote- control system
  • After-sale maintenance service
  • After-warranty maintenance service

As a provider of A to Z services, these steps are the essence of our customer policy as we do not see ourselves as mere sellers but are very particular about our dedication towards customers as this appears to be very decisive when it comes to dealing with operational issues that will inevitably happen no matter how good a product is. For this reason LED projekty.cz work directly with manufacturers whose capability and approach towards servicing prove to be very decisive for the comfortable use of LED Technology.

Here is an outline of how a project is brought to life

Initial analysis and defining the extent of the removal of lighting

  1. Furmulating a draft of a suitable solution followed by selecting the right technology and supplier.
  2. Price calculation and financial plan including EPC and the remote control system
  3. Pricing up the specific amout of lights and providing a set of visualisations followed by a possible on-site testing and gauging
  4. Signing a contract and presenting a work schedule
  5. Installation and assembly of your new system and the removal of formerly installed technology.
  6. Value verification and project handover
  7. Providing a guarantee and a regular evaluation plan if demanded.
  8. After-sale and after-warranty service.

During or following the project handover we can provide these optional services:

· Light control setting and optimization

· Remote control management combined with purchasing electric energy

· Remote monitoring of used electric energy depending on the consumpted Watt hours

· Monitoring of marginal values of lights (temperature) with an automatic regulation as a precaution against damage.